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Copper Roof

professional roofer working on copper roof

Your upscale home needs a roof to match it.  A copper roofer can be the choice for you.  Not only is copper aesthetically pleasing, it is also touted to be superior in performance, durability and longevity.  If you enjoy the finer things in life then you should consider copper roofing.

The look of copper on your roof is stunning and can increase your home’s curb appeal and resale value.  Unlike other metal roofing options, copper will not rust or corrode and never needs additional coating, so it’s significantly more maintenance free over other common materials used for building roofs.

Copper Benefits

Copper is best described as being to be maintenance and repair free and can withstand harsh weather conditions.  Copper is so long-lasting that you will probably have to do repairs and restores to the rest of your house before you ever have to think about roof restoration or repair.  It is also lightweight, which is great for the overall structure of your home and will require less structural support, saving you money in that area.

Due to  its beautiful color, you would think that copper is not very energy efficient. But in reality copper roofing is considered to be a green roofing material in terms of its environmental impact.  Copper roofs boast a high recycled content and will never end up in a local landfill.  You can guess that this premium, beautiful material coms with a premium price.  All in all, the top reasons to go with copper for your roof of your home are that it’s nice looking, efficient, and long lasting. What more could you ask for?

Where Else Can You Include Copper?

If an entire copper roof isn’t in your budget, consider incorporating copper in your roofing system, in the flashing, in the gutters and with some fancy designs that can also add to your home’s curb appeal.  If you choose to use copper roofing materials you want to make sure you protect your investment by hiring a professional team to install your roofing properly. The same benefits that apply to copper for a roof apply to it for these applications as well.

Why Your Roof Needs Proper Installation

Properly installed – your copper roof will outlast you as a home occupant, it is the one roofing material that has a life expectancy in the hundreds of years.  It is also easily formed into beautiful, creative shapes that can have an artistic effect on your home.  And guess what?   Copper gets better with age, its darkening phases throughout its lifetime will stun you and anyone that admires your home.  You can trust that our company has those professionals on our team.

We Have Warranties

We guarantee our work and offer comprehensive warranties so you can feel confident about your investment.  We pride ourselves on offering you dedicated professionals who can get the job done quickly and correctly.  Contact us today, so that we can help you with installing your maintenance free, gorgeous copper roof.


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