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Flat Roof Repair

flat roof after done repairing

If your home or commercial building has a flat roof, then you understand that leaks and damages must be addressed with a roofing expert using high quality repair materials and methods. If you have a flat roof that is in need of repair, you should hire a professional service such as Columbus Roofing Services to tackle this for you.

Flat roofs are some of the most popular kinds of roofs across the entire world. They allow water to run off the roof thanks to a slight inclination and into a gutter system (which we can also help you with thanks to our guttering services).

What Materials Do We Offer?

Most flat roofs are made out of either asphalt or tar, which are good for resisting the UV rays of the sun or other kinds of elements. Some of the most common flat roof materials are EPDM or rubber, modified bitumen, silicon sprays and the traditional tar and gravel.  There are also Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and (thermoplastic olefin) TPO roofs and these require trained specialists for any repairs.  Given that flat roofs have little to no slope, water can work itself under improper seams and cause major damage with leaks that can ruin your interior valuables.  This is why we recommend having a slight, ten degree or so inclination in place so the water can travel to a gutter system.

Repair or Replace?

Some companies will attempt to convince you that a flat-roof repair is a waste of money and a roof replacement (rather than a repair) is your best option. However, our team will perform a complete evaluation on your flat roof and give you honest advice that you can trust.  We install flat roofs too so if we know our stuff and stay up-to date on all the latest technologies and advances in flat roofs.

Why You Need To Hire Professionals

You may be tempted to DIY your flat roof repair because it will be fit your budget better.  However, it is recommended that you only consider highly trained professionals to work on your flat roof to be certain the repair is done correctly with a team that is trained in flat-roof repair.

You may be able to patch or DIY a flat roof leak on your own, but if not done properly it can end up costing you more money than you intended to save.  A bad repair will lead to further damage that you may not be able to see immediately, damaging insulation and causing mold issues as well.

Working With Us

We think our pricing is fair and work with you to complete a full and accurate estimate to avoid any surprises at job completion.  Our team prides itself on our expert team with over 50 combined years of experience.  Trust and friendliness is something we consider elements of customer service and satisfaction.  If you want to be treated like we would treat a family member and trust that your flat-roof repair will be done well, please contact us today.


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